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Palestinian Soap Cooperative

Palestinian Soap | The Land (al-Ard)

Palestinian Soap | The Land (al-Ard)

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We stand in solidarity with Gaza and the people of Palestine. All profits from Nablus soaps in our catalog are donated to The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNWRA) 🍉


In Nablus, soap making continues a tradition dating back 4500 years, using olive oil, water, and lye that is mixed, soaked and cooked slowly through a traditional process until converted to soap and no lye remains. Cooled and cured in chimney-shaped towers for up to 8 months, the process creates a refined, long-lasting, and pure bar. Famously healthy for all skin types, Nablus soap is often considered among the best  in the world. These items are made available thanks to our wonderful suppliers at the Palestinian Soap Cooperative in Berkeley, CA.

The Land (al-Ard; الأرض) is made by the Women's Soap Co-operative of Beita, just south of Nablus. A newest addition to the Nablus soap brands, al-Ard bars are true gems. As they work in relatively small batches and are connected with many local producers, their olive oil is among the very best. The cooperative's equipment is stainless steel and run electrically, compared with other brands which use gas or wood burning furnaces to cook their soap. Rather than hand stamping their bars, the Co-op uses a press machine that makes a deep and visible imprint. Al-Ard's main market is in northern Palestine, in the areas around Nazareth and Jenin.

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