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Barrio Drive

Bandana | "Me Llueven Las Bendiciones"

Bandana | "Me Llueven Las Bendiciones"

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From @barriodrive; advocates for marginalized voices through fashion, art, and storytelling.


"Blessings are raining down on me"; bless up when you add this bandana to your wardrobe. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Measures 55 x 55 cm 

*Who is La Virgencita? She holds a special place in not only the religious life of many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, but the culture as well. Stories tell of the "Virgin of Guadalupe" - a story of when the Virgin Mary, a very important saint in the Roman Catholic religious tradition appeared to a Juan Diego in Mexico in 1531. As such, You'll see her throughout Mexico and Mexican-American households and iconography throughout history, well into today as a symbol of luck and protection!

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