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Tribal Tea Co.

Juniper-Berry Herbal Tea (Loose-Leaf)

Juniper-Berry Herbal Tea (Loose-Leaf)

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From Tribal Tea Co. - a naturally-sourced holistic tea blend supplier owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

The Juniper-Berry blend is abounding with good things. With the energizing benefits of juniper berry, this is a satisfying herbal accented with crimson hibiscus petals. This infusion is a cooperating and commingling mix of strawberry leaf and blackberry leaf brimming with the aromatic smell of a berry patch. Rose hips bring the sweetness and some vitamin C before their faintly tart aftertaste. This cup will enliven the nose and the taste buds alike.

  • Ingredients: Strawberry leaf, blackberry leaf, hibiscus flower, rose hips, juniper berry, acerola (vitamin C) powder, and natural fruit flavor
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