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Tribal Tea Co.

Hibiscus-Peppermint Herbal Tea (Loose-Leaf)

Hibiscus-Peppermint Herbal Tea (Loose-Leaf)

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From Tribal Tea Co. - a naturally-sourced holistic tea blend supplier owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

Hibiscus-Peppermint is made with ruby-colored petals & emerald leaves mingled together to craft this uncomplicated but outstanding herbal tea.
With just three ingredients, these powerhouses of flavor carry their weight. The subtle and fresh peppermint generate a sensation of joy, while the floral notes of the hibiscus blossoms are calming + comforting.
Sip it while it’s hot or on ice; this tea is tremendous.

  • Ingredients: Hibiscus, peppermint, and stevia
  • Allergen: Hibiscus may be intercropped with peanuts. Occasionally, fragments of peanut shells may be present.
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