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Handmade "Aurora" Tapatia Rocks Glasses (Set of 2)

Handmade "Aurora" Tapatia Rocks Glasses (Set of 2)

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Aquamarine dissolves into a vibrant lime hue in the refreshing design of these rocks glasses. Each glass is crafted with Mexican glass-blowing techniques, in which artisans blow through a metal pipe while twirling it with one hand. They simultaneously shape the molten glass at the other end, expertly achieving this color effect.

Because each piece is handmade, shape and size can vary slightly - tiny bubbles may appear within the glass. This exemplifies the hand-blown technique, making every piece a unique example of blown glass craftsmanship. Sold in pairs.

Made in Mexico
Measures: 3.5" l x 3.5" w x 3.9" h

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