Our margarita served in the handblown "Aurora" Tapatia glass

Recipe: Trading Post Margarita

2oz Silver/Blanco tequila
1oz lime juice
 .25oz Meyer lemon juice*
.25oz agave nectar (or simple syrup)
.75oz Curacao (or triple sec)
+Kosher salt or Tajin
+Lime wheel or wedge


*Of course everyone has their preferences and we're not here to argue over whether or not lemon juice belongs in this drink, but we like it and if you're able to try it with this modification, I think you might, too. We also love a traditional marg!

A crowd-pleaser pretty much everywhere we go or whenever we have company. We can always count on a classic margarita regardless of season, day of the week, or even hour. Served at brunch? Awesome. Dinner? Absolutely.

We have a Meyer Lemon tree on the property, so we like to incorporate those gems whenever they're available. Meyer Lemons add a touch of orangey-sweetness and sour bite, so we won't be very heavy handed with the other sweet ingredients like simple syrup and triple sec for this version.

The "Aurora" glass is an elevated yet classic presentation for a drink like this.

To make:

If you like a salted glass: Pour .5oz of the tequila into a shallow bowl or dish and roll the rim of your glass, and wait about 10 seconds for it to slightly evaporate, then rim your glass with Tajin or salt. The tequila is the star of the show and this technique will be just a little special nod.

Add ingredients to a shaker: squeeze citrus, add syrup, Curacao and tequila, including the small amount from the first step. We like to shake well with some big and small ice until it's really, really cold.

Strain over fresh ice, garnish if you like, and enjoy. Especially good with company! The glass pictured is the handblown "Aurora" Tapatia glass available here while they last.


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