Clarified Margarita

Clarified Margarita

Ingredients & Equipment:

  • 3/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Pitcher, mixing bowl, or other vessel
  • 1 cup triple sec
  • Strainer suitable for liquids
  • 1 3/4 cup tequila
  • Paper towels or
  • coffee filter
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • Second pitcher/bowl/decanter (to serve)

  * Lactose sensitive folks: use lactose-free or lactose-modified milk (we used Lactaid)! Dairy free folks: substitute heated coconut milk (to about 140°F) to accelerate the curdling process ✌️

We have so much love for the classic margarita. It's the top summer drink around here. Now, what if I told you we could make an insanely impressive crowd-pleaser that doesn't need any shaking?
Using the method of milk clarification, this recipe leaves us with a drink that's deceptively clear, but packs a punch. (Get it? Milk punch pun.) The finished product has a uniquely silky texture & the clear appearance impresses everyone. This recipe serves about 5 - scale up to make big batches ahead of your next summer cookout. 

To make:

Mix ingredients in a pitcher/bowl/vessel - freshly squeezed limes are definitely the way to go, and since that's the extent of the work you'll need to do with this recipe, we strongly recommend not using bottled juice.

Allow the mixture to sit for a couple hours.

Once separated, using a strainer and filter (paper towels or coffee filter), slowly strain into a large measuring cup or bowl. If the liquid from the beginning of the straining step is milky, run it through again.

Decant into your preferred serving vessel - we are obviously partial to the Skull decanter for anything as killer as this recipe. Chill if making ahead, serve over ice, garnish if desired & enjoy. Salud!

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